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A Story of italian excellence. 
Since 1952. 
Ours is a story of passion and commitment that began in 1952, when in Piazza della Rotonda, in front of the Pantheon, Michele Di Rienzo founded the Dairy which will give rise to a group of entrepreneurial activities in continuous expansion along 70 years of Italian history.
Values have always been at the center of Di Rienzo way of doing business: transparency and respect for the customer, product quality, the constant presence of the family, at the forefront of daily activities. With the advent of the daughters Cinzia and Tiziana, the restaurant first became a bar and then acquired its current role as an elegant restaurant.
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"Our Values: transparency and respect for the Customer"

Over the years the Di Rienzo Group has expanded by launching other commercial activities in the same area.
Thus was born the idea of transforming the already famous "Blue Note" tea room into a Bistrot Café with a tobacconist specialized in the sale of Cuban, Dominican, and Italian cigars.
In the outdoor area you can spend special moments, tasting an excellent selection of wines or the real house specialty, Spritz with Animae Organic Prosecco, together with typical Roman dishes and fabulous savory and sweet snacks. Unforgettable moments can therefore be spent letting yourself be fascinated by the magical atmosphere of the Pantheon.

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